Just sitting alone in your office, or even in a work station on an open plan office floor, the moment a door closes, never mind gets slammed, your concentration is broken. So, what must go through the minds of those professionals that, due to the nature of their work, must have complete silence? Sound Resistant Doors can help them out. They can help your business too. Let the rest of this note consider the professions that need to make full use of such doors, and note that there are only positive implications going forward.

Of course, because there are so many, it would not be possible to mention them all in this short space. So, just a couple of examples to suffice and determine the importance in having sound resistant doors installed to the work premises. All audiologists need to have sound resistant doors. They also have layered doors installed. Internal and external paneling needs to be factored in as well because not a sound can enter the testing booth while the hearing test is in progress.

And progress is the operative word here. All sound recording studios, even TV studios do need to have such doors installed. Take your live recording show. It is an intricate scenario because should a door from down yonder slam by chance it is quite possible that the whole nation will be able to hear it in their living rooms too. How awkward and how embarrassing. And how infuriating and frustrating for the sound recorder who may be quite right in voicing his anger, protesting the need to repeat yet another time wasting and costly recording.

Sound Resistant Doors

It is all about having all the right tools in place before you get to work.