When it really comes down to it, this electrical flash occurs so quickly, so much so that you will not have seen the flash (sometimes light will be emitted due to the powerful force of the flash), but you may have felt it, so much so that you could be in a great deal of pain. It is imperative for anyone who owns, operates or manages a manufacturing, processing or industrial space to have a number of checks and balances installed to help take care of the premise’s housekeeping and risk management requirements.

arc flash hazard analysis

One of the most important verses in the risk management bible is to check for, monitor and eliminate all potential fire hazards. Due to the nature of industrial processes and its heavy inventory of electrical machinery, it is not possible to eliminate the fire hazard risk altogether. But it is possible to contain it and manage it. When checking electrical circuit boards, for instance, an arc flash hazard analysis will be conducted.

The larger the industrial premises, the more necessary it becomes to utilize the expertise of a risk management professional. In fact, if you take your business this seriously, you too, should consider using a professional risk manager or controller at least once a year, even if your premises are no smaller than the backyard or garage workshop. It is possible for the artisan or engineer to use the portable hand-held device himself, particularly if his work requires a strong, hands-on electrical background.

But for the purposes of safety first principles, it remains responsible and sound to allow the risk management exponent to gain a better appreciation of the arch flash hazard readings.